Sustainability and Conservation


Sustainable Practices

Indeed, Africa is one of the best destinations for many travelers around the world. We are always delighted to serve friends from all corners of the globe for safari an African experience and vacations. We strive to give travelers the best of African experience but at the same time in a sustainable way that upholds the value of African heritage and seeking to preserve the same.

Reduce plastic pollution


There is great concern about the impact the world is experiencing from plastic pollution. Aquatic life, wildlife, human population, are at great risk of being affected. At Roadman Adventures we have reusable water bottles that are well designed to hold all kinds of beverages. Our vehicles are equipped with removable water tanks that are filled with clean water every time they are emptied. We make sure you get clean, well-distilled mineral water throughout the safari.

Local Community Projects in Kenya

Every safari you book with us, 10% of the reservation cost goes to supporting community projects, taking the kids to school, and creating a good awareness of the interaction between animals and people. We promote local projects in destinations we visit frequently, such as the Maasai Mara Reserve, Amboseli, Serengeti National Park, and a few others.

Promotion of ethical safari souvenirs

We make sure that our guests buy souvenirs that are not made from illegal wildlife products. With a strict ban on the wildlife trade, you are guaranteed a life sentence in Kenya. Therefore, we advise our guests not to bring, buy, or claim any wildlife products.

Community projects

Most of our safaris involve community projects and wildlife awareness for communities. We are also trying to impact their lives by providing education on how they can improve their environment and peacefully coexist and live with wildlife. We also employ and engage some of the community members as our local guides. Become our guest and impact their lives.

Reduce, re-cycle, reuse

We realized that our single-use plastic bottles are so dangerous to our environment, and we encourage our guests and travelers to use a reusable bottle that you can use separately for your water or any other beverage.

Respect for wildlife

Visiting a national park or reserve is for leisure and refreshment, while at the same time learning and enjoying the serenity of wildlife in the world. We have park guidelines that we always give you before starting your safari so that you can familiarize yourself with them and respect the wildlife.

No Poaching


We do not support hunting, poaching, or bushmeat practices. We value the life and existence of wildlife and support many organizations in wildlife conservation. Kenya is one of the leading conservationists and does not tolerate any threats to wildlife. We are guided and subscribe to strict laws to protect wildlife on our adventures.